Boiler Room And Google Launch Virtual Reality Nightclub
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Boiler Room And Google Launch Virtual Reality Nightclub

Last year, global broadcasting platform Boiler Room sparked future plans to link up with VR Hub Inception and put together a virtual reality music venue.

The team behind the VR idea aim to connect with an online audience and give individuals an interactive way of viewing Boiler Room events from various locations. Users can enjoy an immersive experience using their VR headsets at home.

Boiler Room pushed their idea forward and launched a unique VR experience through Google’s Pixel phone. The app was released under VR Dancefloors: Techno in Berlin and is currently available right here.

“We aim to use the latest accessible technology to unite online audiences around real-life music moments,” this new VR experience is intended to cultivate a “immersive, interactive, online music experience,” – Stephen Appleyard (Chief Business Development Officer at Boiler Room).

Take a look at the snippet of what to expect from the app below.

(Via Dancing Astronaut)


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