Thrupence Keeps It In The Family With New Single ‘Conversations’

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Thrupence Keeps It In The Family With New Single ‘Conversations’

Having just recently blessed us with ‘Rinse Repeat’ – his first single in quite some time – today Melbourne dude Thrupence announces it’s part of his debut album, and gives us another taste of things to come.

Real name Jack Vanzet, Thrupence keeps ‘Conversations’ in the family by enlisting the vocal and songwriting skill of his brother Edward. It’s slow and brooding, while still filled with an array of dazzling sounds that’ll have you listening time and time again. In working with his brother, Edward gave us some words on the experience of writing and recording ‘Conversations’.

“It touches on themes of depression, psychosis and loneliness. Writing the lyrics as pretty cathartic, having experienced this first hand and seeing it cause the demise of friends, acquaintances and strangers in my life.”

Thrupence’s debut record Ideas of Aesthetics is due out April 21st on Future Classic, with a long history coming with it. ‘Conversations’ paints part of that picture incredibly well, and we can’t wait to see what else we’re blessed with.

“Ideas and Aesthetics is a collection of songs made over the last 6 years – some songs date back to 2011, others were finished in the last six months. It has become a diary of places I’ve lived and people I’ve met over this time.” – Thrupence.




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