Hector Couto Talks New Music And The Importance Of Connecting With The Crowd
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Hector Couto Talks New Music And The Importance Of Connecting With The Crowd

Whether it’s deep, banging, smooth, or jacking, it’s all about house music baby. Hector Couto is currently one the scene’s leading proponents, and it’s incredible to think that the Canarian (yup, he is from the Canary Islands) has never toured Australia as yet. And when you consider that he regularly release on labels like Hot Creations, 20/20 Vision, Get Physical, Moon Harbour and Defected, that fact becomes even more outrageous.

Thankfully that is all going to change as the good folks at Thick at Thieves will finally heed our call by bringing Hector Couto Down Under for the first time. Ahead of his debut tour we caught up with Couto for a quick chat…

1. Hi Hector, thank you for taking the time to chat with us! First thing first, where are you currently and what gig/event are you preparing for?
Hello guys, Right now I’m in Tenerife preparing for a gig at Electronic Brixton with the Amnesia Ibiza crew !!!

2. You were born in the Canary Islands and are currently living in Tenerife. Please correct us if we are wrong, but that must make you the first international DJ from that part of the world? What is the scene like there and are there any other talented locals we should look out for?

I’m actually not the first international DJ from my island, and there are a few others playing around the globe, but from other genres. On the island we have a strong scene with great DJ´s, clubs and festivals. Tenerife is a must visit.

3. Do you have a unique sound emanating form the Canary Islands or is it mostly inspired by the global sounds?

I grew up in Tenerife listening to acid house and old school. In the 90’s electronic music scene had a boom on the island and those sounds made me interested in it very quickly!

4. We believe this will be your first time touring Australia. What have you heard about the scene down here and what are you most looking forward to about coming Down Under?

To be honest Im really excited to visit Australia for the first time. I’ve heard that the scene at the moment is on point, and a few of my friends have told me that the crowd is very lit. I can´t wait to play and see how it is!!

5. What other countries are you still on your list that you would like to tour to?

Japan and India.

6. Your love for house and techno is well documented. What are your thoughts on the current state of the scene? And in your opinion, who are some of the younger acts today who will take the scene into the future?

The scene its on fire right now! Of late I’m touring places that I’ve never played before and I see more and more people interested in this underground movement. I follow young DJ´s like Luuk Van Dijk or Reelow, definitely check out those talented guys!

7. In the past you have said “If you want to improve you must be critical with yourself”. This is sound advice for any aspiring DJs out there. What are some of the criticisms which you’ve reflected on after a set?

To me the most important thing while i’m playing is to connect with the crowd. That is what defines my entire set and I´m very critical with it!

8. Last year you compiled a disc of the 3 disc Amnesia compilation (BTW that was an awesome mix!). In the current climate of digital downloads, brands like Balance, fabric and DJ Kicks seem to be going strong with the physical CD format. What are your thoughts on the CD format and would you do more mix CD compilations in the future?

Some people still love to buy physical formats like CD or vinyl. I love to release in those formats too and I will definitely mix more compilations this year.

9. We read that you like to watch TV series on the plane when you travel. What shows are you currently enjoying?

At the moment I’m fascinated with Bates Motel and Vikings.

10. And finally, do you have any upcoming new releases you can tell us about?

I have 2 releases on the way: One later this month called Climax EP on Steve Lawler’s imprint Viva Music wich will feature 4 original cuts, and another on my own imprint Roush Label called Mr Magic in July!

Thank you for your time Hector!

Tour Dates
Friday 10th March: Institute of Dance, Wollongong
Saturday 11th March: Spektrum @ Burdekin Hotel, Sydney
Sunday 12th March: Pawn and Co, Melbourne


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