SINIQ Drops Huge Remix of Infuze’s ‘Alive’
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SINIQ Drops Huge Remix of Infuze’s ‘Alive’

Sydney based trap DJ/Producer Sebastian Morales has dropped a fiery remix of one of New York’s finest producers, Infuze and it goes hard.

Infuze released a track titled Alive via A-Trak‘s label Fool’s Gold Records and Sebastian Morales was in charge of reworking the bass heavyweight’s song.

You guys may know him under his alias SINIQ and after a busy year releasing a number of originals, he’s stuck to his guns, worked hard and has delivered a MASSIVE remix reflecting both his signature sound and skills. Everything from the vocals, melody, the drums and bass are insanely on point.

Better yet, you know things are going well for you when you nail a remix of an artist that inspires you AND have it released via Fool’s Gold Records. 

I don’t mean to get too soft here but one of my favourite things about this track are the vocals…they hit you right in the feels. SINIQ has managed to take the lead female vocals (performed by Brave), fuse it with his style and turn it into a powerful and beautifully epic section of the entire track. If you’re going to listen to an impressive remix today, make this one at the top of your list.

“When I first heard Infuze’s ‘Alive’, I was so blown away by his sound production, which meant I felt a bit intimidated when the idea of a remix first came about. However, when I got the stems, it was all engines go. The process was relatively quick and fluid and I was so stoked by the final outcome.” – SINIQ

As a mate, I’m super proud and excited to see where his journey takes him. I’ve always been a fan of his techniques/production and I think it’s one of the most unique and forward moving sounds there is in the bass and trap movement. He’s going to keep climbing and make this year his.




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