Premiere: Leotrix Unveils Heavy New Track ‘Skype’
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Premiere: Leotrix Unveils Heavy New Track ‘Skype’

Blue mountains local Leotrix has been making huge waves recently, and his latest single ‘Skype‘ sure is testament. Released today, the track follows ‘Flutter Points’ and ‘Police’, which, by the way, has been turning many heads, with Just a Gent recently naming Leotrix as one of the ‘Top 5 Up & Comers’ in a recent Stoney Roads feature.

The young producers unique style of forward thinking sound design meets a more heavy accent on this release, with high energy drum patterns and a thumping bassline contrasting the catchy lead melody. ‘Skype’ builds on Leotrix’s notable repertoire and goes to prove how the artist is determined to tear up the standard of bass music.

We decided to pick the brain of Leotrix on ‘Skype‘, his first headline show and upcoming plans.

SR: So to those who don’t know, who is Leotrix?

Leotrix: Leotrix is Ethan Wright. 17 year old music maker/DJ from the Blue Mountains, NSW. Leotrix is actually a name I came up with when I was 13 years old because I needed a new name for my music. I was in a group chat on Facebook with some mates and we joked about making aliases by mashing our star signs with another word and from there I became the leo with tricks in making music.

SR: How did you start producing? Who or what inspired you to get into music?

Leotrix: I started producing when I was 12 because I wanted to make the sounds that Skrillex was making at the time. I closely followed the whole dubstep scene and I saw it was like nothing else that had ever come out in electronic music. It was heavy and versatile and I really wanted to be apart of that sound. It all seemed like a lot of fun.

SR: How was ‘Skype’ created? What was the inspiration behind it?

Leotrix: Skype was created months ago when I was mucking around making house music at 160bpm for a U18s gig I was playing around the time. I wanted to really bring in some elements of 90s rave/house music somewhere in my tracks and so I think the whole old school rave sound became the real inspiration behind this track.

SR: You recently played your first headline show at world bar for the wall – how’d it go?

Leotrix: Yeah, that was a really fun, loud and sweaty night. It felt really cool to play in a setting where I could really express myself and play out all this music I’d been working on and holding on to for the past year. It was also a lot of fun to play a lot of new stuff too and to see how it all went down in a crowd setting.

SR: Any exciting projects in the works that fans might be able to see in the near future?

Leotrix: I’ve got some collaborations with some well known names around Sydney and even beyond the shores of Australia. I’ve also got some projects in the works with some vocalists so I guess fans can look forward to some more “vocal tracks” in the future.

SR: What are your goals for 2017? Any big plans?

Leotrix: Honestly, my goals at the moment are to just get out there and play shows all over Australia but also internationally. I really want to tour and explore the world with my music. I also hope to play some big festivals and get releases on all my favourite record labels.

SR: What other Australian artists should we look out for?

Leotrix: If you’re into really heavy “in your face” type tracks, you should definitely check out 15 year old Mastadon. He’s an absolute genius in terms of sound design. Another 15 year old producer to look out for is Perto. He makes some incredible melodies honestly. Also, Herzeloyde is definitely an artist to look out for. His music is just super eclectic and crazy. He’s a huge inspiration to me in terms of composition and sound design.

SR: Awesome man, thanks.

Be sure to follow Leotrix on Soundcloud and Facebook for more.


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