Premiere: Francis Xavier – Pusher (Horowitz Remix)

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Premiere: Francis Xavier – Pusher (Horowitz Remix)

Following the release of his Pusher EP, local selector Francis Xavier has received a healthy rework from the ever-impressive Horowitz.

This hard-hitting flip comes just a week after the release of the EP, a release that has been turning heads and slotting itself into the must-have category in the Aus techno world in a very short amount of time.

Horowitz – who teamed up with Francis in 2016 for their collaborative effort Auto-matic – has truly outdone himself with this remix, injecting a hefty selection of tech-friendly instrumentals that lace the throbbing bass line that thumps throughout the songs entirety.

The track gradually builds, progressively getting more intense before reaching a plateau around the 4-minute mark that leads us into one last drive.

Give Horowitz’s remix of Pusher by Francis Xavier a listen below  and let us know if it hits the spot.


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