Words by Arthur Baris

A new video has been shared that delves into London Modular, the UK synth store that sells their gear to some of the best.

This store is the brainchild of Simon Lynch and Phil Ventre who opened London Modular in 2013 and swiftly became one of the world’s best tech spots.

The pair specialise in selling Eurorack gear, a format that allows musicians to mix and match synth modules to create their own unique instruments, and have sold synths to the likes of Aphex Twin, Mumdance, Tessela, Russell Haswell and Thom Yorke among others.

The video allows the guys to touch on the growing popularity of modular synths, a well as showing off some of their own gear including a Buchla once owned by Massive Attack.

Watch the video courtesy of The Vinyl Factory below and enjoy some good tech porn.