New Video Series Lets Aussie Artists Use Their ‘Voice For Change’

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New Video Series Lets Aussie Artists Use Their ‘Voice For Change’

Voice for Change is a new series that aims to tackle issues surrounding the youth of today.

This campaign sees a weekly video uploaded that each focuses on a different Australian artist. The most recent being Ecca Vandal, who has just popped up as part of the video project attacking the problems that face youth today.

The 5-minute mini-doco gives a small background on Ecca Vandal before charging into her views on the what’s important for the youth of today.

Ecca Vandal’s episode is the sixth in the series, and sees her next to other artists such as Sampa The Great and B-Wise as well as other youth figures like sporting stars Majak Daw and Archie Thompson.

In her segment, Ecca Vandal names lack of all-ages gigs as a problem, you know they’re on the right track.

Check out her episode below and tell us what you think! Should others in the industry be throwing their weight behind youth issues?


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