MaRLo Shares Five Tracks That Helped Build His Sound
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MaRLo Shares Five Tracks That Helped Build His Sound

MaRLo is a name that should ring a few bells. This established selector has been honing his craft for years now, building a hefty reputation for his hard-hitting, trance-happy sets that have been known to get the bloody flowing.

The world renowned producer is just about to launch into a stacked, 13-stop tour across Australia and Asia, so we caught up with MaRLo to find out some more about him, particularly what music helped shape his sound.

Dive into MaRLo’s five choices below, and be sure to head along to his gig at The MET in Brisbane this weekend for the start of his forthcoming tour.

1: Oliver Lieb – Subraumstimulation

For me this the definition of Tech Trance… It’s driving and atmospheric and has such a pumping bassline. It also has a beautiful emotive melody. It’s the contrast of dark vs light in this track that really inspired me.

2: Aphex Twin – Come To Daddy

Come to daddy blew my mind… the music along with the incredible video changed everything for me… it changed how I listened to music, it was outrageous and exciting. It made me want to experiment with sound and allowed me to let go of a pre-conceived set of rules I had of what music should be.

3: Timo Maas – Der Schieber

This track is so simple, with very few elements and no real main melody to speak of – yet somehow it’s super dance-able… it has a groove to it that makes it impossible to sit still… even as I listen to it now, I’m bopping along in my chair.

4: System F ft Armin Van Buuren – Exhale

Exhale to me is the definition of TRANCE… it’s so euphoric and energetic and just listening to it makes you want to reach for the lasers. Ferry and Armin to me are the true pioneers of the big uplifting Dutch Trance sound.

5: Tiesto – Lethal Industry

Lethal Industry has such a unique melody and choice of sounds, it really showed a lot of innovation for the Trance genre. It came at a time when Tiesto was at his peak as a Trance DJ – And when I was going out to a lot of Trance shows. At first I didn’t love it… but over the years, it has really grown on me and been a standout classic.

MaRLo’s Aus/Asia tour starts in Brisbane this Saturday, April 1st, and runs for the following month, wrapping up at Liquid Club in Yogyakarta on the 20th of May.

Check out the full tour listing below, and head to MaRLo’s Facebook for more info!



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