Exclusive Mix: Wongo Takes Us Back To The Golden Era Of Dance Music
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Exclusive Mix: Wongo Takes Us Back To The Golden Era Of Dance Music

Gold Coast lord Wongo has delivered us a hefty, hour+ mix that takes it back to the golden era of dance music. We are of course referring to the that special timeframe between 2005 and 2008, when the boom of electronic music had just begun.

The mix delves into a plethora of dancefloor classics, all of which will be sure to hit you right in the nostalgia zone. Listen to the mix below, and read up on what Wongo has on his plate right now and for the future!

Stoney Roads: What have you been up to lately, mate?

Wongo: I have spent the last few months locked away in the studio writing, resulting in a handful of brand spanking new records which I am really excited about. Can’t say to much for the moment however two of them are now with two international labels which I absolutely froth on, whilst another jam is something really out the box for me and something different, wacky, weird + wonderful – which is everything I am about haha.

Also I am about to hit the road in April onwards for my biggest national tour to date. Definitely psyched for that.

And with the rest of my spare time I run a label with my pals Kyle Watson, Marc Spence, Jeff Doubleu, Tom EQ & Jak Z called ‘Box of Cats’. It is a great creative outlet for all of us as well as being a platform to showcase a bunch of super talented young artists we are vibing on.

SR: This mix definitely hits us in the nostalgia zone. What is the inspiration behind it?

W: For this mix I decided to get a throwback feel happening. I was going through my hard drives and old iTunes folders the other day i realised how much the 05-08 Switch era has affected modern day dance music. Whether it be the Dutch house craze or the weirder side of Bass House it has definitely had an impact on the link between underground and popular club records. I think that is what actually inspired this mix and its no secret that the whole Switch / Dubsided era still to this day inspires my current production. 

I remember when I heard The Chemical Brothers – Galvanize (Switch Remix) for the first time (I THINK early 2005) on vinyl and having absolutely no understanding about what i was listening too but i knew i loved it. Even when I’m playing out at the moment, I’m finding many of these old records are working a treat on the dance floor and no one realises they are more than 10 years old. That is what makes a great record, the ability to be timeless. This mix is only a very small handful of the amazing tunes that came from this era, but the ones I have chosen here are super close to my heart.


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