Illegal Party Drug Could Soon Be Used To Cure Tinnitus

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Illegal Party Drug Could Soon Be Used To Cure Tinnitus

Tinnitus, a fairly common condition seen in oft partygoers, may soon have a cure in the illegal party drug, MDMA.

Scientists in New Zealand have recently completed a study in which two groups of participants suffering from that horrible, ear-ringing condition were given either a placebo or a small (30 to 70mg) dose of MDMA.

This small dosage is not enough to bring on the euphoria effects of the drug, but may be enough to cure the condition.

The trials began two years ago, with Auckland postdoctoral fellow Daniel Spiegel saying at the time that “the initial idea came from some anecdotal evidence from a research clinic where some participants were quite frank and said that after taking ecstasy their tinnitus went away.”

Since then, the trials have had good results, with participants admitting the ear ringing had reduced after taking MDMA. However, similar responses were made from those who took the placebo.

Professor Grant Searchfield of the University of Auckland is the man behind the study, and says “our goal is to try and find a medication for tinnitus. It can have catastrophic effects. Whether MDMA is it or whether it’s a trial for us to identify what is going on in the brain is still an open question.”

At this point in time, the scientists are reviewing the results, but in order to move forward more funding is needed. If you’re filthy rich and want to see this become a reality, I suggest you hit them up!

Do you think it will work?

(Via Mixmag)


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