Daydreams Share 5 Tunes That’ll Cure Any Hangover
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Daydreams Share 5 Tunes That’ll Cure Any Hangover

With the third and FINAL Summer Dance coming up next week, we thought we’d catch up with one of acts on the day, Melbourne based selectors/party-throwers Daydreams, to talk about one of the more important topics in life: curing hangovers.

We asked them for 5 tracks that would put the beat-down on any hangover and this is what we got back. In their own words: All these songs chosen have to do with mental imagery, sound as feeling, music as a physical release…all which arise and are prominent post-party. Music for you mind to get lost in, dipping in and out of consciousness.

Undulating thoughts, memories from the party the night before, fun things you remember, things you’d like to forget, all move past like clouds, appearing and disappearing as quickly they came…flushing you out like antioxidants…probably best consumed next to a pool in headphones whilst napping intermittently.  

1: Arthur Russell – Make 1, 2 (Gem Spa Dub)

2: Panda Bear – Tropic Of Cancer

3: 細野晴臣 – PLEOCENE(プリオシーヌ) 1989

4: James Mason – I Want Your Love

5: Tim Hecker – Radio Amor


For more details on the final Summer Dance of the season, featuring Glenn Underground, Anthony Naples, Daydreams and more, click here.


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