Berghain’s Famous Mural Has Been Dismantled And Sold
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Berghain’s Famous Mural Has Been Dismantled And Sold

A renowned Berghain mural, Rituals of Disappearance, has been divided up into pieces and sold off.

The famous artwork by Piotr Nathan was mounted in the venue since it’s opening in 2004, however with the Berlin venue renovating their entrance area where the mural once stood, it was time for it to move on.

The mural was divided up into 171 aluminium panels and was on sale on an exclusive website launched by Berghain. It didn’t last long however, with eager buyers quickly swooping up every last piece.

Speaking on this, Nathan writes:

It is my wish for the panels to find their places in the homes of the guests who have celebrated in the club. After all, this massive mural, although conceived in form and content for a museum, was ultimately designed and realized in this extraordinary club. I compare partying at Berghain to cultic celebrations of indigenous tribes.

Would you throw down money for a piece of this electronic music history?


(Via RA)


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