Arca Shares Intense ‘Reverie’ Video Ahead of Album Release

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Arca Shares Intense ‘Reverie’ Video Ahead of Album Release

Though known most prominently through his production work for artists like FKA Twigs and Kanye West, Venezuelan born Londoner Arca is about to enter into a whole new level of notoriety. His latest track ‘Reverie’, off his self-titled third record out April 7th, is terrifyingly beautiful. Arca’s own voice swells over grinding and harsh production in his native tongue, and takes us on a journey which is completely individual.

It’s not only his musical prowess which he’ll become known for though. The video for ‘Reverie’ is one of the most intense pieces of viewing in recent music video memory. Shot in one take by long time collaborator Jesse Kanda, Arca plays a wounded matador standing atop a set of very bull like mechanical legs. A horn has pierced his stomach, and he appears to bleed out of his anus. He falls to the ground, and petals fall from the ceiling.

“Bullfighting is a piercing metaphor: you are fighting a bull, and at the same your self. You are not the victim or the oppressor, you are both— Animality and bestiality are conflated. Evoking sex invokes our animality. And evoking our animality, in turn, invokes spirituality,” Arca said of the video.

While other videos have a vague or no connection to the track at all, there’s no doubt that Arca is an artist who has an entire vision for everything he does. His album is out April 7.


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