You may remember nearly a year ago we wrote about the UK company that was pressing human ashes onto vinyl records.

Well since then, a documentary has been released on this obscure phenomenon, that gives insight into the concept, specifics and the brains behind it.

The man behind Vinyly is Jason Leach, a record presser who started the company with his friend Stu and quickly built up an global interest. This film allows Leech to express the reasoning behind it as well as the creation process, which is really much simpler than you may have thought.

It also focuses on a customer who decides to partake in the method and have the ashes of his late Mother, Madge, pressed on wax. For just a 9-minute story, it really is quite touching an delivers a beautiful portrayal of Leech and his unique company.

There really isn't too not much more to say, other than sit back and enjoy, I guess. What would your selection of tracks be?