Remembering Ajax, A Dance Legend

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Remembering Ajax, A Dance Legend

Today marks the 5-year anniversary of the passing of Ajax, the Dance Legend.

As one of the most renowned tastemakers in the Australian dance music world, Ajax became famous for his genre-bending, dance-heavy sets; some of which we were lucky enough to see live.

For those who might not know about it, there is a SoundCloud page dedicated to Ajax, showcasing a platter of classic mixes and reworks that he dished out over his long tenure at the top of the Aussie dance music scene.

We thought we would share one of our favourites mixes from the legend, to celebrate his life and just how good at DJing this man was!

The mix of choice was recorded at Parklife Festival in 2007, courtesy of triple j. It is chockas with electro classics, and to this day still hits the spot.

Listen below, and enjoy.


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