Premiere: Donatachi Finds New Musical Direction On ‘A/S/L’

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Premiere: Donatachi Finds New Musical Direction On ‘A/S/L’

Sydney’s Donatachi has returned to our sights with a brand new offering, A/S/L.

This vibrant new release see’s the local producer team up with Tashka and Blair De Milo, creating an uplifting, instrumentally layered track that perfectly blends each of their differing musical attributes into one stellar tune.

A/S/L is the first release in a good while from Donatachi, following a long hiatus that allowed him to focus on musical experimentation and direction. He describes the track as a “fresh start”, and that it is “a true indication of my direction as an artist and producer”.

“Once I had finally found my own sound and voice I wanted to work the friends I had started with. Everything with Tashka and Blair comes so naturally; we are all on the same wavelength creatively”.

Listen to A/S/L below, and tell us what you make of it!


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