Kuren Proves He Is One To Watch On New Track ‘Mon Amour’

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Kuren Proves He Is One To Watch On New Track ‘Mon Amour’

Described as “late nights and heartbreak“, Kuren‘s new track, Mon Amour, really garners that tone.

The rural producer, who will be hitting the road alongside Slumberjack this coming May, has really left us feeling quite astounded with his new offering. Despite impressing us in the past with tracks like Home and Taking Hold, we feel this latest tune depicts a more mature Kuren, who builds a brooding, intimate atmosphere with Mon Amour that solidifies our expectations that he is swiftly on track to becoming one of the Australian dance music scene’s pivotal figures.

Speaking on the track, Kuren writes: “I’ve been working on refining my skills steadily over the past 3 years and I feel Mon Amour is a great evolution of my sound.”

We couldn’t agree more on that one. The booming, distorted synths, matched with the floating vocals from Austen build a beautiful yet devastating mood, and this is a impressive new soundscape from Kuren that excites us for future projects.

Listen to Mon Amour below, and let us know what you think.


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