Groove City Have The Weekend Sorted With Their Cover Of Biggie’s ‘Hypnotize’

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Groove City Have The Weekend Sorted With Their Cover Of Biggie’s ‘Hypnotize’

Busting onto the scene in some insane style and just in time for the weekend are Sydney duo Groove City. Having already released their debut EP ‘Disco Never Died’ just a few months ago, the boys are back again today with a cover of Notorious B.I.G’s classic, ‘Hypnotize’.

As the name might imply, Groove City have injected a whole new feeling of funkiness into the Biggie track. Twangy 70s inspired guitar riffs, a thick bass synth and some super echoey drums are just the start of this re-do. With half of the dudes Korky Buchek covering the lyrics, as well as adding in a few more that sound super at home, this is ‘Hypnotize’ as we’ve never heard it before. Before you ask, yes there is a video too. Full of moustaches, white sequined jackets, cornrows and disco balls, this is a clip that won’t be leaving your mind anytime soon. The boys have a great sense of humour, and it makes it all the more fun.

We managed to get a little background info from the boys themselves on the creation of Groove City and their attitude towards covers. Here’s what they said:

Groove City started from a simple phone call between members, Cal and Dan confessing their love for Funk and 80’s snares. Since getting together and working out what Groove City was going to be, we have released out our debut EP, ‘Disco Never Died’, and we are currently in the process of writing another one.

In regards to the covers, we wanted to almost pay our respects to the artist that have and continue to influence Groove City’s sound… guys like Shalamar, Biggie, Chic, Donna Summer, Jamiroquai and Mayer Hawthorne. ‘Hypnotize’ was already so funky we couldn’t help but add that twangy guitar and get weird in front of the camera. We were also lucky enough to have ½ of Korky Buchek stepping in for biggie on the mic.


Here’s looking forward to that next EP, and plenty more covers like this one.


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