Why Sydney Festival 2017 Doesn’t Quite Feel Right
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Why Sydney Festival 2017 Doesn’t Quite Feel Right

The Sydney Festival has been a centre piece of the city’s schedule for many years, but the 2017 edition has left a funny taste in my mouth.

It’s become clear that the Mike Baird NSW state government is pro gambling to the point they will let multiple gambling rooms in the lock out zone, live outside of the lock out rules.

Here’s what’s making us feel that the festival has an unsavoury taste to it.

– The major principal sponsor is the cashed up, lock out immune ‘Star Casino’. The company was recently embroiled in understating the number of assaults occurring on premise.

As much as it would be nice to attend the festival, the money being invested into it was at no less than at the cost of a lot of our nightlife. What a fabulous way to encourage gambling and any real character our city has left?

It sits beside the discussion but Sydney’s youth are rightfully pissed off. The festival’s recent director Wesley Enoch has rejected it’s dance music past opting for a more ‘baby boomer’ friendly format.

Gone are the days of Chromeo and AJAX (rip) rocking Martin Place or Santigold slamming a set in front of St Paul’s Cathedral. Heaven forbid the youth have fun! Oh wait, they can go to a roller disco or lie in fucking giant ball pit… Cool.

Does it feel right?

Source: Sydney Festival


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