This Is What An Acoustically Perfect Venue Looks like

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This Is What An Acoustically Perfect Venue Looks like

Ever wondered what it could be like to be inside a venue that is acoustically perfect? We’ve all thought it at one point, surely. A venue where the sound flows effortlessly with no concern for which direction the speakers are facing? Well the Elbphilharmonie in Hamburg promises just that.

The $843 million structure is the brainchild of Swiss architectural firm Herzog & De Meuron as well as One to One Studio and various engineers, and is quite literally the best venue in the world in terms of sound.

As reported by Wired, “the 10,000 panels feature one million “cells”—little divots that look like someone used a seashell to carve out a chunk of material. These cells, which range anywhere from four to 16 centimetres across, are designed to shape sound within the auditorium.”

“When sound waves hit a panel, the uneven surface either absorbs or scatters them. No two panels absorb or scatter sound waves alike, but together they create a balanced reverberation across the entire auditorium.”

The amount of time and craft that has gone into this really shows how far we’ve come in terms of technology. The place itself looks almost alien in design, with it’s curved interior and obscure exterior build.

Check out some photos below, and find out more here.

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