Interview: Tory Lanez Speaks On New Music And Collaborating With WEDIDIT
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Interview: Tory Lanez Speaks On New Music And Collaborating With WEDIDIT

Interview by Gurvin Dhillon

It’s been a long time coming for Toronto’s very own Tory Lanez to debut his first album, ‘I Told You’, after a string of successful mixtapes since [2006] under his swavey hat and gucci belt. Fans of his extensive catalogue are gravitating towards Tory’s latest achievement.

Tory’s catalogue features stand out mixtapes such as ‘Chixtape 2 & 3’, ‘Lost Cause’ and his WEDIDIT records project ‘Cruel intentions’ last year – featuring Shlohmo, RL Grime, Baauer, D33J on production along with his main protégé Play Picasso.

Tory manages to remain unique amongst the rapidly emerging market in Toronto, as well as other major cities; his distinctive hooks and flows are incomparable to any other rapper in the game. He hits high notes that other rappers can’t come close to, securing his brand that is ‘Tory Lanez’.

Tory Lanez has explored the visual medium too, and is filming a movie to go hand-in-hand with his album. We had the chance to talk to the king of Toronto while on set, about what the world can expect from his future projects.

Stoney Roads: Is this the Swavey lord? How are you going?

Tory Lanez: It sure is, not to bad man just came off a few run of shows in Europe and now busy at work back at home.

SR: What are you getting up to back in the 6?

TL: I’m actually on set right now of the movie Zac Facts is directing for ‘I Told You’. We’ve got so much coming; this is basically the visual following up from the album come across in motion picture. You can expect to see final piece sometime next year.

SR: With your album finally out, movie on the way, can we be seeing you on Cashmere Cats album as he helped you on production for ‘I Told You’?

TL: Yeah man, I believe I have two singles on his album, I’m not completely sure. You’ll definitely see my name on there.

SR: From meeting Cashmere Cat through Benny Blanco, what was some advice Benny gave you in the direction and concept for your album?

TL: He just told me to make the best music I can make and have my creative control in my own court. He never got mad if I wanted to change things around he allowed me to be the person I am, and same goes with Cashmere he allowed us both be who we are without limitation.

SR: Have your parents given you any feedback on the album since release?

TL: My dad fuckin loves it

SR: Growing up in Toronto, you represented the city from the culture it holds. How did the cultural surroundings influence your album?

TL: It’s one of the most cultural places out, and because of that its given me different ethnicities and originalities with my sound. I’ve taken from the Indian, Chinese, Asian and European culture that is seen in Toronto and melted it into my music.

SR: The Toronto scene has been the centre point of attention lately for the world to see and with you on top of the game at the moment, who are some up and comer’s people should look out for? Because theres the likes of Jazz Cartier, Night Lovell, Louis Rain and Nav who featured on Travis album.

TL: Mike B and Yoko Gold as well as everyone around them.

SR: Can we expect to see you working with any of those names in the near future?

TL:Of course, it’s just all a matter of time.

SR: From talking about Nav on Travis’s album, was Lit an actual collaboration with Travis or was that a fake track the internet went wild over?

TL: What single? Where did you hear about this? That’s definitely fake; we’ve never worked together yet.

SR: Considering the Internet has granted you the likes of working with producers birthed from Soundcloud such as Cashmere and Ryan, do you find yourself going even deeper into the Soundcloud realm and experimenting with new producers from the likes of Fifty Grand, Hellion and Misogi?

TL: I like listening to music, you know my biggest thing is I like music that makes sense and fits. When the vibe feels good from it new or old, no matter where it comes from.

SR: With the debut album, was there any artists that really inspired you in the process and concept of ideas?

TL: Tory Lanez, Tory Lanez baby. Just me and always me. We are all you got. If the world ends today, and you end up on a remote island by yourself you are all you got. It’s all about being the best you can be you know what I’m saying, like not even putting anyone down.

SR: Working with producers such as Ryan, Cashmere and Noah on your Lost Cause mixtape, how did the relationship start with them?

TL: Ummmm honestly my manager kinda went to school with their managers, and it was always love. Its never been nothing more or less its just love and we all make great music. We always try come back to the table together with something new.

SR: How did you meet Playback Picasso who is your right hand man producer on a lot of work.

TL: I met him in a Miami, we were just together and I was like we gotta work together and from that point we just kept going and making music together. Youll be seeing more from Play and I in the future. We are working on a brand new sound that will be timeless. Its about diverse music because music always evolves.

SR: When you talk about diversity, Playback and yourself worked with the WEDIDIT crew on Cruel Intentions how did you shape life stories around new producers for the EP?

TL: All Shlohmo, Baauer, D33J and RL Grime were just easy dudes to work with it wasn’t anything complicated, very much so with how things went down with Cashmere. We all allowed each other to be our self to put out a great project. So great, ‘Honda Civic’ was an additional track for the physical release of ‘I Told You’.

SR: Hopefully there’s a follow up to Cruel Intentions from you and the WEDIDIT crew coming soon. It’s been a pleasure talking to you amongst your busy schedule, before we end this when can your fans in Australia expect to witness you live for the first time?

TL: Oh man … sometime next year, I’m sure of it. Its all in the works and when the time comes you all better be ready.

On the topic of new music, Lanez has dropped a brand new mixtape which you can hear below.


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