Denon DJ Unveils New Turntable, Media Player and Mixer
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Denon DJ Unveils New Turntable, Media Player and Mixer

In what seems as a competitive move against industry giants Pioneer and Technics, Denon has announced a new range of DJ products, including a turntable, mixer, and media player.

The bundle, titled the Prime series, features the Denon V12 turntable, X1800 mixer and SC5000 media player – which leaked earlier in the week – as well as a music management system called Engine which draws very similar traits to the Pioneer Rekordbox system.

The turntable, which is priced at AUD$1064, severely undercuts the recently reissued Technics 1200G, and also adds two torque settings that are set at the highest in the industry. Alongside that, the turntable comes with a low signal-to-noise ratio due to an isolated motor design, and has pitch settings ranging from 8, 16 and 50 percent options. The lighting can also be customised with colour and brightness.

The four-channel X1800 mixer will sell for AUD$2500 and will include BPM and sync controls that can be synced with the SC5000, two USB connections to be used with other software if necessary and a built-in LAN, which will allow for up to four media players to be used.

The media player, titled the SC5000, will similarly sell for AUD$2500, and features a seven-inch touch screen and pads which will allow artists to cut their tracks on the fly. Denon has stated that the media player is the first to “analyse both beatgrud and musical key” on the unit itself, thanks to the Engine software.

The products will be available for consumers in the next few months. Check out the video below to see what the SC5000 is capable of. Do you think this is a direct competitive move against industry leaders? Do you think they’ll actually be able to crack a market as solid as DJ gear? Let us know in the comments!


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