We Catch Up With Dispatch Recordings’ Latest Signee, Sydney’s DAUNTLESS

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We Catch Up With Dispatch Recordings’ Latest Signee, Sydney’s DAUNTLESS

Words by Rowdy One.

Since 2001 the Dispatch Recordings imprint has been steady releasing quality drum and bass. Owned and managed by Ant TC1, the label has spent 15 years building a solid history of releases.

The 15 Years of Dispatch events have been all across the globe, in cities such as London, Berlin, Vienna, plus many more… and this Friday marks one of the final Dispatch shows right here in Sydney at MIIND night club. Marking the occasion is none other than Ant TC1, dropping through with a massive 2 hour set. On top of that, it also includes celebrations for none other than our own Sydney drum and bass producer Dauntless, and his recent debut EP on the label, ‘No Escape’.

We caught up with him briefly in time for the gig as well as his new Dispatch label mix.

This year has been a huge one for you, with releases on Commercial Suicide as well as this new EP on Dispatch, congrats. Roughly how long did it take you to get this EP finished? How did the EP release on the label come about?   

Thanks, yes it’s been a crazy year! Actually Invisible in July and then basically the EP’s for my b-day! Wooiii… ha… The Dispatch EP was about 6 months in the making where Ant just cherry picked what he liked. It’s a tough job for him, as he had to sift through all the junk that I had sent.

You have pushed the techstep side of drum and bass for a while. Do you feel this is something drum and bass is lacking lately?  

Yes, techstep drum and bass is my jam. I cut my teeth on it and was and is my first love. It was kind of missing in the last few years and Neuro to me had lost the funk. However, there is some really good quality releases lately, so let’s hope the funk is back!

In regards to Dispatch as a mainstay label of Drum and Bass, what makes this imprint in particular special to you?

Dispatch is all about family. I’m friends with plenty of the producers on the label so it’s about earning my place. The label is always finding the freshest talent around and pushing the funk, so I always wanted my music on the label. It was a natural home for it.

For the newbie to the seasoned drum and bass fan, can you give us a few releases over the years from Dispatch you believe are a necessity to check out? 

Hidden Agenda – New Day
Octane + DLR – Back in the Grind
Octane + DLR – Method to the Madness LP
Marcus Intalex – Virgo
Sabre – Halo Danger
Dabs and Cern – Alter Ego
Amoss + Fre4knc – Oxide
Cern – Under Another Sky LP

Finally, we have Ant TC1 coming for a huge 2 hour set. Any last words before Friday arrives?

Be prepared for a fun 2-hour magical journey. Ant is an absolute don on the decks and always has the freshest music around. Bring your dancing shoes!


DAUNTLESS supports Ant TC1 alongside locals Tom Vertigo, Ella Lions and Ang Leon. Check the Facebook event ahead of the night, and suss tickets here.


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