Stoney Roads’ Guide For The Indecisive Partygoer

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Stoney Roads’ Guide For The Indecisive Partygoer

It is that time of the week again where we belly-flop a sh*t-load of party options on the table for all you fence-sitters out there still trying to lock in your weekend plans.

Let us do the hard work for you and narrow it right down to a few select events you need to get around, because, lets face, it’s Summer again and not heading out would be nothing short of a crime.


Friday, Dec 9: Banquet / FRI 9.12 ft. Jade Le Flay + Obseen 15252550_1789798851279000_7934864261594132670_o

Friday, Dec 9: Kate Miller & Kris Baha – Peoples Club 15137537_1625221857771493_1196824321234488631_o

Friday, Dec 9: Bassic x Boss Bass ft Riot Ten 15156778_10154175810866247_7606338277828078539_o

Saturday, Dec 10: Comfort Club #11- Feat. Sweetland (Melbs) – 100% Free Party 15283962_1548851061807987_2771628635308761298_n

Saturday, Dec 10: Glowed Up feat. Swiss Dank x St. O’Donnell at 77 screen-shot-2016-12-09-at-12-21-04-pm

Saturday, Dec 10: Cakes Compilation Launch – A Thank You to the Ravers. 15178972_1162304723861527_4161616483170702061_n

Saturday, Dec 10: Dirty & Flirty presents Kim Ann Foxman – Factory Floor 15027929_1204104739635460_9107932699635705333_n

Saturday, Dec 10: LNDRY ft Bag Raiders (DJ SET) & Mo’Funk 15195815_10154175813691247_1915569120854164557_o

Saturday, Dec 10: P L T F R M

Saturday, Dec 10: Flume World Tour – Sydney (2nd Show Added December 10) 13217540_1009642189071142_4474202177976524296_o


Friday, Dec 9: ¿Club D’érange? 1st Birthday ~ Vibe Positive Takeover 15110461_1691465611167784_2093877763582805418_o

Saturday, Dec 10: Power Station: The Last One with Multi Culti 15203188_1785431741707010_5498179369320802215_n

Saturday, Dec 10: MORE FIRE 190 ft Little Lion Sound (Switzerland) 15042067_10154663217452440_4110987900600744577_o

Saturday, Dec 10: Anyway / December 10th / Yolanda Be Cool 15337426_1376840845701262_7369210451063523891_n


Friday, Dec 9: Ransom BNE pres. Party Thieves (USA) + Spenda C 15350645_10154856153341473_6902142484114461777_n

Friday, Dec 9: TROYBOi w/ Lojack & Zeisha Fremaux {SOLD OUT} 15369105_928255237306035_6376554865457531576_o

Friday, Dec 9: The Party After Ft Lojack 15418536_927613564036869_3513437123593936807_o

Saturday, Dec 10: Walker & Royce (Dirtybird) // Drinks til 5am // Doors til 7am 15027935_10154792537401473_6335691118979308286_n

Saturday, Dec 10: NLV Records Party [Nina Las Vegas, Swick, Air max 97 + More] 15193522_915172528614306_1395500896634366327_n



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