NSW Police Seize $34K Worth Of ‘Drug’ Utensils

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NSW Police Seize $34K Worth Of ‘Drug’ Utensils

The NSW Police Force have taken to Facebook to share info about their seizure of over $34,000 worth of drug paraphernalia from a Newtown Tobacconist that can be used with/for illicit drugs.

You could be thinking, “so what actual drugs did they seize?”, and that is fair enough. However, the answer is none. Essentially what has happened is they have seized items that are associated with illegal drugs, most of which you can buy online.

Their Facebook post reads as follows:

“On Sunday 11 December 2016, officers from Newtown Local Area Command executed a search warrant at a store on King Street, Newtown.

During the search, police seized 536 cannabis pipes, 195 ice pipes, seven ecstasy testing kits, 24 electronic scales, 74 cocaine spoons and numerous other pieces of equipment allegedly used to administer prohibited drugs.

In total, the equipment seized has a potential sale value of
$34, 260.”

Check out the photos from the raid below. We’ll let you make your own mind up on whether this was a good raid or not from our boys in Blue.

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(Source: NSW Police Facebook)


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