Disclosure’s Official Facebook Page Hacked. Shares Very Cheeky Link

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Disclosure’s Official Facebook Page Hacked. Shares Very Cheeky Link

Words by Harrison Kefford

Suggesting that any artist with a big social media presence is a perfecting target is a highly probable reason why 2016 has produced some (not that we think it’s right) extremely funny cases of DJ’s being mysteriously hacked.

The latest appears to have come, with Disclosure, twice being hacked. Once on the weekend where their socials a NSFW Miley Cyrus article (yeah, they must be huge Miley fans) and the second came yesterday, with the hackers taking to the duos Facebook to post a totally NSFW article (see below)


We feel like we shouldn’t have to remind artists such as Disclosure but, your presence throughout social media is rather significantly large, translating to you being the perfect target for such a gimmick. So, it may pay to invest in some quality cyber security, even if this incident is rather insignificant.

Like we said above, this isn’t the first case of a high profile artists being hacked in 2016, Back in May, deadmau5’s SoundCloud was notably hacked by OurMine to host an Ariana Grande song. Again with their widespread audiences, DJs such as deadmau5 and Disclosure are the perfect targets for such attacks.

(Via Dancing Astronaut)


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