Candys Apartment Forced Shut After Huge Police Raid

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Candys Apartment Forced Shut After Huge Police Raid

In case you have been avoiding the news over the past 24-hours, popular Kings Cross nightspot Candys Apartment has been forced shut for 72-hours after a massive Police raid on Saturday night due to drug concerns.

The 40-strong Police unit – dubbed Strike Force Roby – stormed through the King Cross venue’s door fairly early into the night on Saturday, pushing patrons out of the way as well as bystanders on the street.

The raid concluded with the arrest of a 21-year-old man outside the club, who was in possession of 60 MDMA pills. The Police then raided the mans Oakhurst home in Sydney’s west and charged him with 22 drug offences.

So why was Candys shut for 3-days if the man was arrested outside the venue’s bounds? Well apparently the venue and surrounding area has been under strict watch from Police for months now, and the closure comes after “a number of drug supply and licensing breaches”.


Photo courtesy of Sketch Coleman, via Facebook

peaking on the events, Elliott Harper, a resident DJ at the club, took to Facebook to describe what he believed was as an over-reaction from Police. “I’ve just witnessed 40 police officers storm into Candys and shut the venue down because ‘the patrons are in danger’,” he said.

“The entire Bayswater Road has been blocked off and police tape has been used to section off the street outside the club. You would think that a murder has taken place.”

Candys owner Charlie Mancuso had some stern words to say about the whole scenario, naturally, saying “the police have to show they are doing something other wise they are going to lose their jobs.”

He said the Police showed complete disregard for  “all the innocent people”. He even called on patrons to “fight for your rights, show your displeasure”.

The irony of this ridiculous and over the top act of Police power occurring almost simultaneously as a cringeworthy Transport NSW video promoting Sydney nightlife goes viral couldn’t seem more poetic. Watch the video here.

So what do you make of the Police actions that took place at Candys? Do you agree or disagree with how they handled the situation, and do you really think Candys needed to be temporarily closed as a result?

(via SMH)


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