Bonobo Shares Blissful Bedtime Mix For BBC Radio 1
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Bonobo Shares Blissful Bedtime Mix For BBC Radio 1

With a new project on the ready, and two new tracks in circulation, Bonobo is well and truly back in action.

To keep us on our toes, the London based producer and overall heart-melter has offered up a soothing Bedtime Mix for Phil Taggart’s segment on BBC Radio 1, that certainly delivers.

Prior to the mix, he speaks with Taggart on the inspiration behind his new album ‘Migration’, which is due for release on January 13th. He explains there are “two parts” to it.

“I was writing a lot of it on the end of the last tour, in this hyper-social situation where I was playing out and DJing a lot. And then there’s this second part to it when I got home and everything was a lot stiller, which is more of a introspective end of the record. So it (the album) represents both of those phases.”

Most importantly, however, Bonobo confirms that “there are some very long, very ambient packages; but when it bangs, it bangs!”

Listen to his soothing bedroom mix below, and get a taste of his new album with Kerela and ‘Break Apart‘.



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