10 Electronic Artists Who Need To Return In 2017
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10 Electronic Artists Who Need To Return In 2017

This year was a biggie in terms of music. We saw a return from The Avalanches and JUSTICE, Flume dropped his second album plus an EP, Chet Faker changed his name,  and we were flooded with an array of fresh new faces that prove the world of dance is in good hands in the future.

However, instead of focusing on the next-gen this time, we’ve decided to take a look back at some established electronic artists – both Aussie and international – who have been sleeping for way too long and are due for a return in 2017.

So lets get into it:

10: Touch Sensitive

The Future Classic veteran has been very quiet of late. Despite playing a lot of DJ sets throughout the year, it’s been far too long since the Ableton Live tutor actually released some new music. We continue to rinse ‘Pizza Guy’ regardless, but it’s time for a new anthem, mate!

9: Chromeo

We can never get sick of the Canadian groove masters, Chromeo. Their latest offering was two years ago with their ‘White Women’ album, however they’ve been very lax in 2016 which leads us to believe (hopefully) that something is in the works for next year.

8: Wave Racer

Wave Racer totally dominated the scene when he first stepped onto it a couple of years back, with some massive remixes and originals that changed the dance music landscape in Australia and quickly saw him receive international recognition. However, he has been very chill the last year. Despite touring earlier in the year and sharing a few remixes here and there, we wouldn’t say no to a full length album in 2017. Could it be on the cards?

7: Fatboy Slim

It goes without saying that Fatboy Slim is a dance music legend. No one could argue that. With a tonne of studio albums under his belt, the 53-year-old producer definitely doesn’t NEED to release another, but god it’d be nice if he did. I wonder what it would sound like?

6: Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs

TEED, where you at? Following a huge debut album back in 2012, the UK producer has been touring like crazy but has been oddly quiet on the music front. If anyone is well overdue for some music, it’s you, TEED!

5: The Presets

As one of the most established electronic groups to come from Australia, it goes without saying we have to see a return from Julian and Kim. With a handful of massive albums behind them, and a nearly 2-year hiatus underway, something in the air tells us that they could be up to something in the near future At least we hope so.


Ok ok, we know the two guys who make up TNGHT – HudMo and Lunice – have been grinding; but who can forget that timeless EP they released back in 2012? The pair broke up in 2014 to work on solo ventures, but wouldn’t it be nice if they came together once more for another project?

3: Uffie

The queen of blog haus, Uffie teased us earlier in the year with word of a new project underway, but we are still yet to see it! However, judging by some of the studio photos she has been sharing on social media, we are all but confirmed a new record in 2017. How good!

2: SebastiAn

Now this is a man who is well and truly over due for a return. Aside from some album credits here and there, it really does feel like an eternity since the Ed Banger veteran graced us with some music. His last and debut studio album ‘Total’ came out over 5-years-ago now, time to come back, you gorgeous Frenchman!

1: Daft Punk

The two most popular French ambassadors of dance, Daft Punk are well and truly well overdue for something! To be fair, they’ve been working with The Weeknd a fair bit this year, but after a handful of rumours, false leaks and teases, I dare say 2017 will mark a new album from the robots.



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