Watch Cashmere Cat’s Dance Video for ‘Trust Nobody’ feat. Selena Gomez & Tory Lanez
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Watch Cashmere Cat’s Dance Video for ‘Trust Nobody’ feat. Selena Gomez & Tory Lanez

The release of his ‘Mirror Maru’ EP in 2012 meant that very quickly, Norway’s Cashmere Cat was a household name among electronic music lovers. 2014’s ‘Wedding Bells’ cemented him in the scene as someone with an individual take on almost every genre, with tours that took him the world over, including a number of excellent shows here down under. From there, he’s been in very high demand. Production for people like Kanye, The Weeknd, Ariana Grande and Miguel has done two things simultaneously. It’s meant he’s been able to spread his reach and have a much wider audience listen to his music, and it’s almost meant that he’s released less originals himself. That is until recently.

From his debut album, out very soon, he’s collaborated with The Weeknd once more, and also had Selena Gomez and Canadian rapper Tory Lanez on the same track. Quite the feat. Today we’ve got the video for that particular track – it’s called ‘Trust Somebody’.

Directed by Jake Schreier – who’s done feature films Paper Towns and Robot & Frank, as well as a number of music videos for Francis & the Lights – the clip is a beautifully choreographed dance set with a backdrop of a beautiful sunset and rolling hills. It’s eye candy at its finest. The dance is emotional, and the camera perfectly follows the action. Though the camera moves and changes angles, this entire video has been shot in one take, making it all the more mesmerising. The dance moves echo the lyrics perfectly too, with the proximity between the dancers being a perfect illustration of trusting nobody.


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