To tie in with the release of their third album ‘Woman’ just two weeks ago, French duo Justice have just shared the video for one of the record’s lead singles, ‘Fire’.

In a beautifully shot over saturated style, the duo – Xavier de Rosnay and Gaspard Augé – completely fix up an old chrome convertible. Surprise film star Susan Sarandon drops by once they’re done, and they take the car for a spin through some wind farmed desert. There’s also a fun little cameo by an R2D2 style robot butler, to make you wonder when and where the video is really being set.

A number of moments in this video go against the usual tropes that seem to effect the portrayal of women in music videos. Gaspard and Xavier are the ones washing the car in the beginning, flipping the usual bikini carwash image that’s used all too often, and Susan is the one driving the car the entire time. Considering their album is called ‘Woman’, it’s hardly surprising either. We recently spoke with Xavier, and this is what he had to say on the reasoning behind the name.

“We had the name very early in the process of making the record. It evokes very much a sense of power to us for many reasons. I guess the first reason is that we’ve always been surrounded by very strong female figures, so ‘Woman’ is something very strong to us. We all come from a woman, there’s this power of giving life that is almost a godlike power, and the symbol of justice is a woman. So all these things and maybe more mean that ‘Woman’ is a very strong word to us. It’s a sense of power that’s not the usual cliché of power that’s aggressive.”

Are there more videos for ‘Woman’ on the horizon? Fingers crossed.

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