Phoenix Post Mysterious Photo To Their Facebook
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Phoenix Post Mysterious Photo To Their Facebook

It’s been over three years since French synthpop group Phoenix released their last piece of material (not including that Christmas song with Bill Murray – yes that exists), their fifth album ‘Bankrupt!’. They did an accompanying world tour, and since then, they’ve been flying completely under the radar. Until now.

In the last 24 hours, the display picture on their Facebook page has been changed:



This could mean one of two things. One – they’re back and we can expect some new material and shows from them happening very soon. Wouldn’t that be nice? Or, two – as you may already notice, and as some fans have pointed out in the post’s comments, the image is the same colour bars that a television station used to use when it had signed off. Two very different possibilities. With this all in mind though, Radiohead in the leadup to ‘A Moon Shaped Pool’ completely reset all of their social networks, so maybe Phoenix just have a similar plan?

Either way, there’s no doubt that this change brings the French group back into the public eye. Maybe that was their plan all along? Only time will tell, and all our fingers are crossed that we see more of them very soon.


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