Kaytranada Is Captured By Orcs In This Video For BadBadNotGood’s ‘Lavender’
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Kaytranada Is Captured By Orcs In This Video For BadBadNotGood’s ‘Lavender’

With his infectiously funky brand of music still ringing in our ears after his sell out appearances all across the country last month, Kaytranada is back in our faces today as he’s summoned to protect a band of adventurers on their quest to defeat an evil sorcerer. It’s on the new video for BadBadNotGood’s track ‘Lavender’, from their fourth album, suitably titled ‘IV’ that released a few months ago. The collaboration between the two in of itself was excellent, but this video adds a whole new dimension.

The jazz quartet are trapped in the garage of some nerdy psychopath, who demands to play Dungeons and Dragons with them, and somehow manages to chain all their feet to their floor. Kaytra is summoned early on to the D&D board by way of a magical spell, but unfortunately means the same-chained fate and sits most of the clip out on a magical stool. Ultimately the group ends up having to use a vial of poison to kill the dude in a pretty gruesome fashion, and it’s semi happily ever after. It’s classic BadBad humour, with some on again off again subtitles and some pretty obvious influence from Stranger Things, albeit in their own way.

There’s also a message at the end by John Dempsey, aka ‘Dungeon Master for Hire’, inviting people to try a similar experience. Sadly it’s only for people in the Greater Toronto Area, but if this clip is anything to go by, D&D seems like an entertaining time to say the least.

BadBadNotGood are bringing their fried antics our way super soon too, doing a tour that spans the whole country starting next month. Be sure to check full dates below and suss tickets here.



Fri 2nd December – Amplifier Capitol, Perth
Sat 3rd December – The Fat Controller, Adelaide
Wed 7th December – Max Watts, Brisbane
Thurs 8th December – Metro Theatre, Sydney 0
Fri 9th December – The Corner Hotel, Melbourne (SOLD OUT)
Sat 10th December – Meredith Festival, Victoria (SOLD OUT)
Mon 12th December – The Corner Hotel, Melbourne


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