Grasps_ & CELES7E Carve A Banger On ‘BLADEHAIL’

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Grasps_ & CELES7E Carve A Banger On ‘BLADEHAIL’

The prodigal son of Sydney party group / label SIDECHAINS is the one and only Grasps_. From DJing in the night’s early days and among their first releases, to guest Mixing Dro Carey’s Radar Radio London show, to supporting for artists like Fatima Al Qadiri, there doesn’t seem to be any stopping him.

His latest collaboration with mystery producer CELES7E has him at the top of his game. It’s called ‘BLADEHAIL’, and it’s the most Grasps_ track we’ve ever heard. From the get go you know it’s going to be large, with Formula One racing cars zipping past your eyes and some super dark and industrial percussion. Into the high pitched flute on top of that and it meshes together into one of the heaviest and most haunting sounding bangers we’ve heard in a very long time. A finisher with much more pace and vocal samples towards the end makes it clear that both Grasps_ and CELES7E can turn up the speed and the ante too – but just a little taste before it’s over.


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