Brian Eno Announces New Album ‘Reflections’

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Brian Eno Announces New Album ‘Reflections’

Words By Sarah Tonkin

Multi-talented musician Brian Eno has just shared an announcement about his upcoming album.

Titled Relfections, the English producer will release his album on New Years Day adding Reflections to his large number of solo albums he’s released since the 70’s.

Brian Eno has got to be one of the most dedicated and hardworking people in the music industry. Playing multiple instruments ranging from piano to bass to vocals, a highly anticipated record producer, a writer and a visual artist, it’s no surprise that he’s already lined up his Reflections album to start our new year with a bang especially after releasing his album The Ship earlier this year.

Brian Eno on Reflections –

“’Reflection’ is the latest work in a long series. It started (as far as record releases are concerned) with ‘Discreet Music‘ in 1975 ( – or did it start with the first Fripp and Eno album in 1973? Or did it start with the first original piece of music I ever made, at Ipswich Art School in 1965 – recordings of a metal lampshade slowed down to half and quarter speed, all overlaid?)

Anyway, it’s the music that I later called ‘Ambient’. I don’t think I understand what that term stands for anymore – it seems to have swollen to accommodate some quite unexpected bedfellows – but I still use it to distinguish it from pieces of music that have fixed duration and rhythmically connected, locked together elements.”

Reflection is out January 1 on Warp Records via Inertia Music. You can pre-order it here.



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