Feeling nifty? A little bored? Want to hack a 90's payphone, turn it into a boombox and crank 90's hits all day?

Thanks to Fuzzy-Wobble and his in-depth and step-by-step manual, you can turn a payphone into a boombox and play your favourite bangers from the 90's. It looks pretty challenging but it also looks like a pretty fun experiment to try out! Fuzzy-Wobble has provided everything you need to get you started. A manual with 10 descriptive steps, a little introduction video and loads of photos to guide you along the way. Check it all out below!

A payphone is hard to hack. WRONG!

A payphone is expensive. WRONG!

A payphone is hard to get. WRONG!

"When I first started this project I suspected payphones would be hard to get, expensive, and a hassle to hack. I was wrong on all three! Online I was able to get city-grade cast-iron/stainless payphone for relatively cheap. And the hack, surprisingly, turned out to be quite elegant!"

With my payphone hack I created a the 90 From The 90's Boombox:

"With this Instructable you will learn how to control the keypad, switches, and audio (both in and out) on a payphone. You can do A LOT OF FUN HACKS WITH THIS. The 90's boombox is just one basic example to get you started"

STEP 1 - Parts & Codes

STEP 2 - Gut Your Phone 

STEP 3 - Intercept The Keypad

STEP 4 - Intercept The Handset Switch

STEP 5 - Intercept The Coin Release

STEP 6 - MP3 Maker Shield

STEP 7 - Boom Boom 20W Amplification

STEP 8 - Ring Ring Rangefinder

STEP 9 - Mounting And Power

STEP 10 - Done!