Spotify And Apple Music Now Allowing Unofficial Remixes

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Spotify And Apple Music Now Allowing Unofficial Remixes

It seems the one thing that separated SoundCloud from other major streaming platforms was the ability for users to upload unofficial remixes. With that said, there has always seems to temporary lifespan on these unsigned reworks with the tight grip record labels maintain on the German company, but it looks like the main competitors have achieved the proverbial check-mate.

Both Spotify and Apple Music have begun rolling out unofficial remixes to their platforms, a feature that was teased earlier in the year.

This massive turn in the streaming battle spurs from a deal the aforementioned companies made with music rights management service Dubset (Apple music in March, and Spotify in May), which means users will now be seeing unofficial remixes appearing more and more.

The process is still unfolding but is definitely underway, and you can already wrap your ears around an unofficial Jazzy Jeff remix of Anderson.Paak’s ‘Room in Here‘ down below.

As well as remixes, Spotify confirmed with TechCrunch that long-from mixes will be included down the track, which basically means everything SoundCloud offers will be matched by Spotify and the other big guns in the very near future.

This doesn’t look good for SoundCloud, however they are still chugging along with news of a recent surge in revenue over the past year.

So will you stick with SoundCloud or has the veteran streaming service run it’s course?

(Via Mixmag)


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