Interview: Antwon Talks Inspirations and Breaking The Generic Rap Mould

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Interview: Antwon Talks Inspirations and Breaking The Generic Rap Mould

Words by Gurvin Dhillon

It’s been an exciting year for San Jose rapper Antwon following the release of his latest body of work ‘Double Ecstasy’ EP via Anticon.

Produced by Lars Stalfors, Antwon describes the 20 minute long track as some of his best work yet – an impressive claim considering his previous work includes mixtapes ‘Fantasy Beds (2011)’, ‘End of Earth (2012)’ and ‘Heavy Hearted in Doldrums (2014)’.

Even more exciting is that Big ‘Twon has landed on Australian shores and is kicking the party off in Brisbane and Wollongong this weekend before stopping by Bondi, Sydney, Melbourne and the loneliest city in the world, Perth.

Check out our chat with the Nature World boss below.

Stoney Roads: First and foremost, hows your day been so far?

Antwon: Not bad just been hanging out with friends just ate, and now kicking back working

SR: Have you guys been dabbling in any weed cakes today? Because your snapchat looked live while cooking them – can fans expect to purchase these edibles at the next Nature World show?
A: We haven’t, I did that yesterday and I fuckin’ feel asleep all day so no. Nah, no way, I’m over that, I dunno man.

SR: You toured Europe not long ago this year, how was the run of shows for you?
A: Yah man it was the third time I toured there so it was no big deal for me. I realised more and more people are catching on and coming out to my shows which is good.

SR: Well now you can add Australia amongst the mix for your debut tour. What can fans expect to see when they come out to an Antwon show?
A: Well now I can tour for the first time, like why do everything all at once? Its good to wait and not do something over and over again. Its better if people can wait, but now the time has come. It’s about to go off, it’s about to be a function bro, people are gonna come through, people are about to get pregnant you know what I mean, tears bout to get shed, mothers are going to leave their husbands. I’m just kidding, it’s gonna be beautiful.

SR: You just played a set on a boat in Manhattan with Wiki and Jaguar Pyramids; can people expect to see you destroy shows like you did to that boat?
A: Of course, I’m more than sure the Australians are ready for what’s to come.

SR: What inspires you to break the generic conventions/mould rappers are usual known for?
A: I’m inspired by things I haven’t done yet. That’s what keeps me going. Also my friends at Babylon, WEDIDIT, LosLocco, Secret Circle and more constantly keep me motivated/inspired when I’m around them.

SR: You mentioned Secret Circle, I know everyone wants to know what’s coming up with Lil Ugly Mane and Wiki. But tell us what’s going down with Corbin and WEDIDIT because you’re always in the studio with them lately?
A: Oh man I can’t tell I can’t tell anybody anything like that. I don’t really wanna tell people stuff till it comes out but I’ve been working.

SR: Apart from everything you got going on the side. You dropped ‘Double Ecstasy’ this year on Anticon, how did this spur about?
A: With Anticon, well Shaun from Anticon hit me up and said he wanted to put out a release. So with Double Ecstasy being a whole different thing because it wasn’t a mixtape it was an EP, so we just literally put together the album because it was a whole different sound. Its not lo-fi at all its super hi-fi, so it’s a setting with what the album is gonna be like.

SR: Did you feel that you explained your message/story to your fans in this 5 track release?
A: Ahhh yeah, I feel like there was a lot more but we had to save it. You know what I mean, I feel like people got it and understood it but I think we need to get that album out so people really understand.

Antwon will be touring Australia and New Zealand until October 12. Find all the info you need right here.


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