Dirtcaps Urge Young Producers To Think Outside The Box

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Dirtcaps Urge Young Producers To Think Outside The Box

Amsterdam based group Dirtcaps have spoken out on the current state of music production for up-and-comers.

The bass-heavy production team and Barong family alumni were interviewed by ">ADE Radio last week during the Amsterdam Dance Event, where which they touched upon the controversial topic of ghost production and the current state of dance music prodcution in general, particulary for amateurs.

“Kids these days can get samples, synthesizers and pre-sets. It’s comparable to buying a little box of lego, and they get a description of how to build the car that is inside and end up building that exact car” they explained.

Continuing on the lego analogy, they said “what the kids need to do with those lego blocks is build a new car, or a plane. Lose the manual and just go for whatever it is you like.”

Dirtcaps – who have brought us massive tunes in the past such as ‘">Weekend‘ and ‘">Miljoenen‘ – have kicked off their anticipated Australian tour, and will be taking over The Met in Brisbane for Ransom tomorrow night.

Check out the full interview below. Do you tend to agree or disagree with what Dirtcaps had to say?


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