Be A Berghain Bouncer in the unofficial ‘Berghain ze Game’ Card Game

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Be A Berghain Bouncer in the unofficial ‘Berghain ze Game’ Card Game

For a club which most people haven’t had the pleasure of experiencing, it goes without saying that Berghain’s reputation completely precedes it. The German institution, now paying less tax due to its contribution to the country’s culture, is known most for two things. 1) The mystery of what goes on behind its walls, and 2) its mega-exclusivity.

One of the club’s many bouncers, Sven Marquardt has made a career for himself based largely on the fact that he rejects people, and if that isn’t saying something, nothing will. Understandably, there have been a bunch of attempts to parody Berghain’s exclusive nature. Earlier this year there’s emerged both a VR simulator for the Berghain line, and Beyond Festival’s mini-Berghain, called ‘Berghenk’. Well if that wasn’t enough, today we’ve got one more, and it’s one you can enjoy with your friends in the comfort of your own home – ‘Berghain ze Game‘.

Screen Shot 2016-10-10 at 4.13.55 PM

“All kinds of people are standing in line trying to get in to Berghain, the world’s most notorious night club. As one of Berghain’s legendary bouncers, it’s your job to foster the right mix. Let the right people in, outshine your colleagues and win the game!

Players have action cards on hand and guest cards are placed on the table. Guests include Hipsters, Gimps, Bloggers, Fag Hags, College Kids, Narcs, Bears, Cubs, Stoners, Club Kids and lots more. Guest cards form a line in front of the Bouncer and they score between –2 and +5.  There are five guest categories and the pink cards are the most valuable. The player with the best guests (most points) when the line is empty, wins the game. That’s it.”

The developers are soon putting up a Kickstarter to fund the project. So, until then, I guess we’ll just wait in line..



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