ALTA Premiere Aptly Titled New Single ‘Unbelievable’

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ALTA Premiere Aptly Titled New Single ‘Unbelievable’

Words by Tommy X

What if we told you that on-the-up Melbourne duo ALTA have shared a second teaser single from their hotly anticipated forthcoming EP, Sincere, and that it was as good as, if not better than their first single ‘Plans’?

No, really.

The Victorian pair’s latest offering, ‘Unbelievable’ is exactly what its title says it is… pretty unbelievable. Steady sonics, just the right amount of bass and some sweet, airy vocals make for a pretty darn decent tune if we do say so ourselves.

If this is anything to go by, the follow up from last year’s Awake For Days EP is shaping up as a tour de force and one which we’re definitely excited for.

Look out for ‘Sincere‘, which is set to be released on Soothsayer on the 28th of October.


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