Melbourne’s Planète Shares Eclectic New Track ‘Nightcrawler’

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Melbourne’s Planète Shares Eclectic New Track ‘Nightcrawler’

Local producer Planète has delivered a stellar new song titled ‘Nightcrawler’.

The instrumentally heavy offering is the first single we’ve received from the Melbourne based producer in a good while, and is the latest addition to the impressive Good Manners catalogue, who work with unique tastemakers Kllo, LUCIANBLOMKAMP, Banoffee and more.

‘Nightcrawler’ is a 7-minute endurance effort that conveys Planète’s instrumental technicality through the wide range of soundscapes he embeds into the track. The song fluidly changes tones while maintaining a consistent bass-line that works as the canvas for his creativity to run freely.

Listen to ‘Nightcrawler’ below, and let this impressive home-grown artist take you on a sonic journey.


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