Is this Mayan Warrior X Robot Heart Set Just What Your Week Needs?

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Is this Mayan Warrior X Robot Heart Set Just What Your Week Needs?

The dust has settled and most of the Burners have made it home by now, but the vibes will continue. All have heard of the happens on the playa this year. From the invasion of Oakenfold’s plug and play to the traffics jams upon exodus, everyone left with a dreamy sense of fulfillment and a pile of sand in their bags.

The infamous sounds of burning man have become a genre of their own. Both Robot Heart and Mayan Warrior art cars have long been a staple for dusty dance floors and sunrise sermons on the playa. This year, the two crossed paths for an unforgettable session of music and celebration deep on the playa.

“Now more than ever, building bridges, connecting with the people around us and promoting unity is a necessity to live in prosperity towards the future… Sometimes one plus one is more than two… On Wednesday night and Thursday morning we (Mayan Warrior) witnessed an example of this magic when we united forces with Robot Heart, creating an epic experience between both stages and a massive mixed audience.”

Rebolledo and Damián Romero (a.k.a. Mental) created an energetic hypnotic journey through a wide range of emotions. Their hour and forty mix of subtle yet powerful house is just a glimpse into the progression of sounds found in the dust. As with every year, the sets begin to trickle out to give all of those who missed a health dose of FOMO. Kick your week off right with this stellar set.


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