Interview: Kllo Confirm Debut Album Ahead Of US/Europe Tour

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Interview: Kllo Confirm Debut Album Ahead Of US/Europe Tour

Electronic duo Kllo are on our radar at the moment.

After wrapping up an extensive national tour following the release of their Sophmore EP ‘Well Worn,’ the two have now turned their sights to foreign shores, set to tour both Europe and the US.

However it’s not the time to say farewell just yet, that honour will be going down on October 1, at the much-loved Gasometer hotel in the duo’s home city, Melbourne. The recently announced party will feature “supports from some of their favourite Melbourne musicians,” and will be their final show before clocking off overseas.

So it’s a good thing we caught up with them for a chat to see how they’ve been feeling lately!


So you’ve wrapped up your ‘Well Worn’ EP tour – how was that experience for you guys?

Playing to fresh ears definitely helped bring back a bit of the spark that we had lost from the countless hours spent listening to the tracks in the studio.


We linked up with Kllo in Sydney

How has the response been in general since the release of the EP? Have you had time to reflect on it or is it still all very fresh?

We are always looking ahead and never really soaking in the now, just wanting to improve and continue to develop our sound. The feedback has been wonderful and we’ve realised that we should take more risks and just write the music we want to write because our audience aren’t as hard on us as we are on ourselves.


Where do you find inspiration for your music?

Through listening to others music. It can be difficult to be inspired by somebody without recreating an idea. It’s important to listen but still hold onto what makes us unique in order to create something that has already been done. The lyrical content is mostly inspired by personal experiences and the experiences of loved ones.

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Image: Ryan Callaghan

Are you writing any new music at the moment?

We’re working on our first album which is really exciting. It means we have more room to experiment and we can introduce new aspects of Kllo.

What ideally do you want Kllo to be [soundwise]?  Do you have a vision that you are working towards, or perhaps you’re already there?

It’s always changing but we think once we’ve been working together long enough it’ll be clear. It’s one of those things where time and practise will be the only way we will know what we do best and what direction we want to go down. We’re not sure if we will ever be content with how much music we’ve made, but we hope that Kllo will one day be a versatile duo whom can create good music no matter what genre we choose.


Click here to see the farewell party on Facebook.

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