Petit Biscuit Is Off To A Roaring Start With His Video for ‘Sunset Lover’

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Petit Biscuit Is Off To A Roaring Start With His Video for ‘Sunset Lover’

Today in “news to make you ashamed of what you were doing when you were their age”, we’ve got a video from French producer Petit Biscuit, for his latest single ‘Sunset Lover’. Real name Mehdi Benjelloun, he’s just released his first, self-titled EP, at the tender age of 16. Really though, if the trend continues, and musicians keep getting younger and younger, there’s going to be so much more insane music getting made in absolutely no time – so exciting it hurts.

‘Sunset Lover’ is so incredibly impressive. It’s the sort of sound quality and mixing you’d expect from an artist that’s been producing for years, not just starting out. The xx styled echoing guitar over some chopped and screwed vocal samples makes for a track which is both incredibly uplifting, and relaxing. The percussion is incredibly on point too, with a number of changes and different instruments both keeping and changing pace nicely. The video itself, Petit Biscuit’s first, captures the mood of the song perfectly too. What would it be like to be an artist with over 50 million streams worldwide at the age of 16? ‘Sunset Lover’s video gives us exactly that – an insight into the world of a young man starting down a road which will no doubt lead him to incredible successes. Watching him play at shows and joke around in his downtime lets us share in his excitement, and it’s really nice.



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