Watch Disclosure’s 2.5 Hour Set With A Secret Surprise

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Watch Disclosure’s 2.5 Hour Set With A Secret Surprise

Last night brothers Guy and Howard Lawrence of Disclosure held a private mix session for a few close friends, which was streamed live from their kitchen! How lucky.

Diving into a sea of funky house tunes, a lot of which was vinyl, the boys truly showcased their passion for ageless dance music, stuff that transcends generations. However, we couldn’t not mention the gem of the mix that came just after the two hour mark, when they decided to drop their unreleased remix of James Blake’s eerily beautiful ‘Modern Soul’.

Joining in on festivities was their friend, Jimpong, who is looking to launch his own DJ career.

A release date for the remix has yet to be shared, but gaging the reaction from the kitchen and the comments in the chat, we are in line for a real heater, a standout from these British boys.

Watch the live stream below.


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