PREMIERE: Ian Munro – ‘Bout That’ + exclusive interview

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PREMIERE: Ian Munro – ‘Bout That’ + exclusive interview

Rising bass talent Ian Munro has delivered with a massive new EP ‘Stay Lit’, released via UZ’s label ‘Quality Goods’. Today, we’re stoked to premiere the opening track, ‘Bout That’, an atmospheric and distinctively powerful track, and Ian Munro joins us to answer a few questions!

STONEY ROADS: What’s up Ian Munro? You lit?


SR: Congrats on the EP, and for working with UZ’s label ‘Quality Goods’, how did that come about?

IM: Thank you! To be honest the homie Oski actually teed it all up while he was touring with UZ earlier this year. I just sent him a few demos and he passed it on to UZ and the QGR team and they were down and we all kinda just went from there!

SR: What/who was the inspiration behind making this EP?

IM: Lately I’ve been listening to a lot of local friends like Quix, Oski, Hydraulix and Command Q, who have all been killing it steadily this year. I guess what I love most about these guys is the way that they come at production with a ‘fuck-you’ mindset that results in some of the most weird and unique music coming out at the moment.
To me this EP was all about trying put some more musicality and creativity back into bass music. I spent a lot of time focusing on trying to make music that holds it own, rather than trying to sound like every other kid on Soundcloud.

SR: You’re premiering the track ‘Bout That’ with us today, what was the process behind making this track?

IM: The concept of ‘Bout That’ came from the mindset that I didn’t want to sound like ‘X’ artist or a specific sound or whatever – I just wanted to make some hype shit that people can dance to. I think at the time the popular sounds in bass music were like cheap Herobust and Rickyxsan rip-offs so I was really trying to avoid that whole vibe and do something heavy but different.
I actually started writing ‘Bout That’ at Hydraulix & Oski’s house last time I was in Sydney and tested it out that night at my show at Candy’s – and it had a huge crowd response, so I knew I had something at least semi-decent to work with haha! It was one of the first tracks I actually started writing for the EP but it was also one of the last I finished. It ended going through so many different versions, and I pretty much kept changing it right up until the final deadline that I don’t think it actually sounds anything like it did when I first played it out haha.

SR: What does an average day in the studio look like for you?

IM: An average studio day usually involves 90% dog videos and like 10% ableton. Tops.

SR: You worked with Adi Medici and Holly for this EP, how was it like working together?

IM: I love both these guys so much and it’s always dope to have the opportunity to work with them!
I swear Holly is like secretly an army of 30 different producers in like some sketchy sweat shop for bangers. His work ethic is next level and working with him again for ‘Occult’ was such a good vibe. He brings out the weirder side of my production when we work together so it was great to have him on the EP to weird it up.
I’ve been making beats for Adi pretty much since day one, so it’s been really good to get him on some recent projects of mine. We’re both familiar with each other’s style and sound so we always mesh well when we start a project together. Adi’s def one of the most hard working and talented guys I know. Definitely someone to keep an eye on!
I’ve actually got some more things in the works with both Adi and Holly in the near future so keep an eye out on dem soundcloudzzz bruh

SR: How would you personally describe your style?

IM: Obnoxious bass music

SR: What are three tracks you’ve been thrashing lately?

IM: Boombox Cartel & Quix – Supernatural (ft. Anjulie)

Skrillex & Diplo – Mind (ft. Kai) [Ekali & Gravez Remix]

Rickyxsan & Dirty Audio – Gettin’ That (Hydroski Remix)

SR: Who are some artists you think we should be keeping an ear out for?

IM: Literally everyone coming out of Aus/NZ right now. Everyone’s killing it!
To name a few I’d have to say Sysyi, Zeke Beats and Luude are next up! The quality of the tracks these guys are putting out is incredible and always next level. Definitely ones to watch.

SR: And lastly, what’s next on the cards for you?

IM: I’m actually touring Aus/NZ right now with the homie Spenda C for the Ministry of Sound Turn Up Tour, which should be dope! We’re making our way out to some places I haven’t been to yet so it will be rad to meet some fans and see a bit more of the country on the way!
After that, I’ve got A LOT more original music and some cheeky collabs stacked up for you all that I can’t wait to share!

Pre-order the EP HERE.

Keep in the loop with Ian Munro via Facebook and Soundcloud.
Keep in the loop with Quality Goods via Facebook and Soundcloud.


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