Berlin Protests Against Gentrification Turn Violent

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Berlin Protests Against Gentrification Turn Violent

A protest against Friedrichshain’s gentrification turned violent on Saturday, resulting in the arrest of 86 people and injuring of 123 Police officers.

Over 3,500 protestors gathered together along with 1,800 Police who were deployed at the protest in order to maintain the peace, which ultimately up resulted in violence and the injuring of 123 officers when protesters began throwing missiles.

Friedrichshain’s large Squatting community face the frightening reality of losing what little they already have due to the districts rapid gentrification in recent years that is set to continue at least until June 2018.

Some Squatters situated in a block of flats have refused to leave the premises despite the demand, resulting in regular Police presence, helicopters and violent disputes.

Most protestors are sympathetic towards the Squatters, and were beating spoons against metal pots in support of them.

More as the story develops.

Protestors on the roof of 94 Rigaer Strasse on Saturday night. Image: MAURIZIO GAMBARINI




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