New Study Reveals The Reason We Get Chills Listening To Music

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New Study Reveals The Reason We Get Chills Listening To Music

You know that skin orgasm feeling you get when listening to a particularly tasteful piece of music, those ‘chills’ that run down your spine and make your hairs stand up?

Well, a study has just come out from America’s Harvard and Wesleyan University, and it has quite possibly given us the answer to the question of why we experience this sensation.

The study, which was published in ‘Social Cognitive and Affect Neuroscience,’ analysed two groups (one group who said they often experience skin orgasms and one who claimed they didn’t,) using something called Diffusion Tensor Imaging.  

The study concluded that individuals who experienced said effects more often also had more ‘nerve fibers connecting their auditory cortex to the parts of the brain that control physical sensation and emotions.’


Other reasons you might often experience skin orgasms (I love typing that) include being more intellectually engaged with music, often experiencing mental imagery, and trying to predict melodic progression.


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